Attosecond electron bunches.

  title={Attosecond electron bunches.},
  author={N M Naumova and Igor V. Sokolov and John A. Nees and Anatoly Maksimchuk and Victor P Yanovsky and G{\'e}rard A. Mourou},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={93 19},
Electron bunches of attosecond duration may coherently interact with laser beams. We show how p-polarized ultraintense laser pulses interacting with sharp boundaries of overdense plasmas can produce such bunches. Particle-in-cell simulations demonstrate attosecond bunch generation during pulse propagation through a thin channel or in the course of grazing incidence on a plasma layer. In the plasma, due to the self-intersection of electron trajectories, electron concentration is abruptly peaked… CONTINUE READING

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