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Attorney abuses of Daubert hearings: junk science, junk law, or just plain obstruction?

  title={Attorney abuses of Daubert hearings: junk science, junk law, or just plain obstruction?},
  author={Thomas G Gutheil and Harold J. Bursztajn},
  journal={The journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law},
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The U.S. Supreme Court case of Daubert v. Merrell-Dow Pharmaceuticals focused attention on the problem of “junk science” testimony in the courtroom, a decision that led to the emergence of the Daubert hearing as a pre-trial screening device for determining the reliability and relevance of expert 

Clinical practice guidelines as learned treatises: understanding their use as evidence in the courtroom.

  • P. Recupero
  • Psychology
    The journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
  • 2008
The discussion notes important considerations for the expert witness, such as how guidelines may affect the expert's role, concerns about the reliability and relevance of scientific evidence, and questions about whether guidelines will be used for inculpatory or exculpatory purposes in medical malpractice trials.

Basic Concepts in Psychology and Law

In-depth consideration of causality is central to the determination of responsibility in tort actions. If causality and responsibility are not immediately evident, and if psychological factors play a

Digital Forensic Investigation and Cloud Computing

A threat assessment model will be proposed that allows the mapping of threats in cloud computing to evidentiary traces, allowing a model for digital investigators and security engineers to identify and understand what threats can and cannot be investigated in their organization using current digital forensic investigation techniques.

Cybercrime and Cloud Forensics: Applications for Investigation Processes

This reference source brings together the perspectives of cloud customers, security architects, and law enforcement agencies in the developing area of cloud forensics.

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Cette these a pour but demontrer l’influence du developpement scientifique et technique sur le droit de la responsabilite civile, en etudiant comme ce developpement constitue un facteur de mutation

Daubert Considerations in Forensic Evaluations by Telepsychiatry

  • P. Recupero
  • Psychology
    The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
  • 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for telepsychiatric services. Forensic psychiatrists can expect to receive more requests for assessments conducted via videoconferencing technology in the



Galileo's Revenge: Junk Science in the Courtroom

Peter Huber has produced a superb diatribe against the current legal system that allows plaintiffs' lawyers to trump up cases based on frivolous scientific grounds and to produce extraordinary awards.

Daubert-based gate keeping and psychiatric/psychological testimony in court

  • J Psychiatry Law 28:235–
  • 2000