Attitudes and use of pornography in the Norwegian population 2002

  title={Attitudes and use of pornography in the Norwegian population 2002},
  author={Bente Tr{\ae}en and Kristin Spitznogle and Alexandra Beverfjord},
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The purpose of this study was to describe and analyze use of pornographic material in a representative sample of adult Norwegians. The data collection was carried out by means of a standardized questionnaire administered via personal telephone interviews. Among the 90% of participants who reported ever having examined pornography, 76% reported examining a pornographic magazine, 67% had watched a pornographic film, and 24% had examined pornography on the Internet. Significant gender differences… 
Use of pornography in traditional media and on the internet in Norway
We described the use of pornography in Norway, including how many people have used pornographic magazines, films, and internet sites and to what extent those who watch pornography on the internet
Use of Pornography in a Random Sample of Norwegian Heterosexual Couples
It is suggested that couples where one or both used pornography had a more permissive erotic climate compared to the couples who did not use pornography.
Pornography Use and Closeness with Others in Men
The results showed that there was no significant difference between self-reported pornography users and non-users in terms of specific socioemotional closeness with the most significant adults in their lives, but pornography users had significantly higher total closeness scores than non- users, showing possibly a craving for intimacy among pornography users versus non-pornography users.
Gender Differences in Pornography Consumption among Young Heterosexual Danish Adults
  • G. Hald
  • Psychology
    Archives of sexual behavior
  • 2006
It is argued that gender differences in social acceptability, adherence to gender stereotypes, traditions of gender sexuality, gender norms, and mating strategies are key factors in understandingGender differences in pornography consumption.
Why do people watch pornography? The motivational basis of pornography use.
The present work aimed to construct a measure that could reliably assess a wide range of PUM in nonspecific populations and found that sexual pleasure, boredom avoidance, and stress reduction motivations showed positive, weak-to-moderate associations with FPU.
Self-Perceived Effects of Pornography Consumption
The overall findings suggest that many young Danish adults believe that pornography has had primarily a positive effect on various aspects of their lives.
Self-Perceived Effects of Pornography Consumption in a Sample of Indonesian University Students
Self-perceived effects of pornography consumption were studied in a sample of university students in Indonesia—a conservative, Muslim majority country with strict anti-pornography laws. Using a
Misperception and Attitude of Society against Pornography
Pornography and other sexually explicit materials are controversial issues and emotional topics to be conducted asa research study in Malaysian society. This research study aims to identify the
Consumption of pornographic materials among early adolescents in Hong Kong: profiles and psychosocial correlates
Abstract Consumption of pornographic materials was examined in 3328 Secondary 1 students in Hong Kong. Results showed that over 90% of the respondents had never consumed pornographic materials in the


Overrating Pornography as a Source of Sex Information for University Students: Additional Consistent Findings
Analysis indicated that pornography does not play an important role in the dissemination of sexual information; peers appear to be the primary source, and research on pornography as a source of sex information is extended and contrasted with previous studies.
Parallel sexual relationships in the Norwegian context
The purpose of the paper is to describe and analyse the prevalence of parallel sexual relationships among adult Norwegians in terms of social background variables, possibility factors and
Influence of unrestrained access to erotica on adolescents' and young adults' dispositions toward sexuality.
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Sexual Pleasures: Enhancement of Sex Life in Finland, 1971-1992
The data changes in society and in couple relationships the sexual attitudes of the Finns the sexual initiation the sexual habits and partners of the Finns parallel sexual relationships sex life of
[The National Institute of Public Health].
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Technical drawings for the menstrual cups with the diameter of 40 and 46 mm and opinion of CZŽP (the Centre of Health and Life Conditions) 13-246/08-36, EX 080221 dated 12 March 2008 for the LadyCup menstrual cup of colourless silicone and CZ ŽP 13-1184/8-156,EX 080850 dated 3 July 2008 forThe LadyCups menstrual cup in the pink design PinkCup.
Factor Analysis: Statistical Methods and Practical Issues
Describes various commonly used methods of initial factoring and factor rotation and various methods of constructing factor scales are presented.
Part 2: Pornography - Attitudes and use
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