Attenuation of arsenic neurotoxicity by curcumin in rats.

  title={Attenuation of arsenic neurotoxicity by curcumin in rats.},
  author={Rajesh Singh Yadav and Madhu Lata Sankhwar and Rajendra Kumar Shukla and Ramesh Chandra and Aditya Bhushan Pant and Fakhrul Islam and Vinay Kumar Khanna},
  journal={Toxicology and applied pharmacology},
  volume={240 3},
In view of continued exposure to arsenic and associated human health risk including neurotoxicity, neuroprotective efficacy of curcumin, a polyphenolic antioxidant, has been investigated in rats. A significant decrease in locomotor activity, grip strength (26%) and rota-rod performance (82%) was observed in rats treated with arsenic (sodium arsenite, 20 mg/kg body weight, p.o., 28 days) as compared to controls. The arsenic treated rats also exhibited a decrease in the binding of striatal… CONTINUE READING