Attenuation of acute lung injury in septic guinea pigs by pentoxifylline.

  title={Attenuation of acute lung injury in septic guinea pigs by pentoxifylline.},
  author={Akitoshi Ishizaka and Zhaohui Wu and Kimberly E Stephens and Hirofumi Harada and R S Hogue and Peter O'Hanley and Thomas A. Raffin},
  journal={The American review of respiratory disease},
  volume={138 2},
Pentoxifylline (PTXF), a drug demonstrated to improve intermittent claudication, is a methylxanthine that increases intracellular cyclic AMP (cAMP) and, unlike theophylline, has few side effects. Because increased cAMP levels have been associated with a decrease in lung injury, we examined the effects of PTXF on acute lung injury in a septic guinea pig model. Five groups of guinea pigs were studied over a period of 8 h. (Group I: saline control injected intravenously with 2 ml of saline; Group… CONTINUE READING
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