Attenuation in high-energy x-ray beams.

  title={Attenuation in high-energy x-ray beams.},
  author={Bengt E Bj{\"a}rngard and H Shackford},
  journal={Medical physics},
  volume={21 7},
Attenuation factors in water have been measured by a narrow-beam technique in various portions of x-ray beams with nominal energies of 6 and 25 MV, with and without a wedge in the beam. The results were analyzed in terms of an attenuation coefficient mu for small water thicknesses and a beam-hardening coefficient eta that describes the change in attenuation per unit depth. The variation of mu within the field was significant, about 0.5% per centimeter at 6 MV and 0.8% per centimeter at 25 MV… CONTINUE READING