Attenuated stress responses in young and old human lymphocytes.

  title={Attenuated stress responses in young and old human lymphocytes.},
  author={Donald A Jurivich and Lin Qiu and J F Welk},
  journal={Mechanisms of ageing and development},
  volume={94 1-3},
Aging generally is understood to be a period defined by altered responses to physiological stress. At the molecular level, several stress responses involving specific gene expression have been revealed, and thermal stress has been tightly linked to induction of the heat shock gene family (D.A. Jurivich. In E. Bittar (ed.), Principles of Medical Biology, Vol. 4, JAI press, San Diego, 1996, pp. 411-462). Perturbations in heat shock gene transcription consistently have been noted in senescent… CONTINUE READING


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