Attentuation of systemic vasoreactivity in chronically hypoxic rats.

  title={Attentuation of systemic vasoreactivity in chronically hypoxic rats.},
  author={Michael P Doyle and Benjimen R. Walker},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={260 6 Pt 2},
Experiments were performed to assess the effects of chronic hypoxia on systemic vasoreactivity in conscious unrestrained rats and in abdominal aortic rings. Two groups of rats were used: normoxic controls and chronically hypoxic rats that were maintained in a hypobaric chamber (380 mmHg) for 4 wk before experimentation. In conscious animals instrumented with pulsed Doppler cardiac output probes and arterial and venous catheters, mean arterial pressure and mean cardiac output were measured… CONTINUE READING