Attentional deficit in dyslexia: a general or specific impairment?

  title={Attentional deficit in dyslexia: a general or specific impairment?},
  author={Dorota B. Bednarek and David Salda{\~n}a and Eliana A Quintero-Gallego and Isabel Garc{\'i}a and Anna D. Grabowska and Carlos M. Mel{\'e}ndez G{\'o}mez},
  volume={15 11},
Dyslexic and control children were tested in a visuomotor attentional task, which provides independent measures of the alerting, orienting and conflict components of the attentional system. Our results show that dyslexics are impaired with respect to controls in the attentional conflict component (resolution of conflict of incongruent peripheral information), while the alerting and orienting components remain preserved. It excludes an overall attentional impairment and points to more specific… CONTINUE READING

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