Attentional correlates of dentin and bone lead levels in adolescents.

  title={Attentional correlates of dentin and bone lead levels in adolescents.},
  author={D C David C Bellinger and Howard Hu and L Titlebaum and Herbert L. Needleman},
  journal={Archives of environmental health},
  volume={49 2},
In an effort to determine whether specific aspects of attention are impaired by lead, the performance of 79 subjects (aged 19 and 20 y) on a neuropsychologically based battery of tests of attention was examined in relation to lead levels in deciduous teeth (dentin), current blood, and tibia and patella bones measured by K-X-ray fluorescence. Dentin lead levels averaged 14 micrograms/g. Most bone lead levels were less than 10 micrograms/g. Dentin lead levels were related inversely to scores on… CONTINUE READING
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