Attentional biases and frontal functioning in anorexia nervosa.

  title={Attentional biases and frontal functioning in anorexia nervosa.},
  author={Secondo Fassino and Andrea Pier{\'o} and Giovanni Abbate Daga and Paolo Leombruni and Paolo Mortara and Giovanni Giacomo Rovera},
  journal={The International journal of eating disorders},
  volume={31 3},
OBJECTIVE This study deals with executive functions such as abstraction, use of strategy, and response flexibility (focused attention) seen in patients with anorexia nervosa. The aim was to highlight any correlation between neuropsychological functioning and the degree of pathology for food style, body image, and physical state. METHOD A modified Stroop test, Wisconsin Card Sorting test, Body Shape Questionnaire, and Eating Disorder Inventory-2 were administered to 20 anorexia nervosa… CONTINUE READING

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