Attention and Effort

  title={Attention and Effort},
  author={Daniel Kahneman},
Effort: Cost or reward?
Future research is needed to specify the definition of effort, integrate the competing theories in terms of the time course of effort expenditure, and explore potential factors that impact on effort.
Fluctuation Patterns of Autonomic Arousal Predict Mental Arithmetic Performance
Pupil dilation, an autonomic arousal response, can measure attention because pupil dilation positively correlates with attention. This study investigated the predictability of mental arithmetic
Salience, Cognitive Effort, and Word Learning : Insights from Pupillometry
Understanding the roles of general cognitive processes in language learning is one of the central goals of research in second language acquisition (SLA). Of these cognitive processes, the role of
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Listening effort allocation, stimulus-driven, goal-driven, or both?
  • Min Zhang
  • Psychology
  • 2017
The research in audiology to date about how people listen has been focused too narrowly on the impact of the task demand (e.g., speech complexity) on the effort exerted for listening. Very few
Psychological and neural mechanisms associated with effort-related cardiovascular reactivity and cognitive control: An integrative approach.
  • N. Silvestrini
  • Psychology, Biology
    International journal of psychophysiology : official journal of the International Organization of Psychophysiology
  • 2017
Detection of operator performance breakdown in a multitask environment
Yoo, Hyo-Sang. Ph.D., Purdue University, December 2015. Detection of Operator Performance Breakdown in a Multitask Environment. Major Professor: Steven Landry. The purpose of this dissertation work
On the interaction between affective and cognitive processes in decisions under risk: Underlying behavioral, neural, and neuroendocrine correlates
The present thesis taps into the field of neuropsychological decision-making research. In this field it is common to distinguish between decisions under ambiguity and decisions under risk. In
Engagement in educational games: An exploration of the interaction between game features, players’ perceptions and learning
"Engagement scheint der Schlusselmechanismus zu sein, der den Erfolg von Computerspielen erklart. Fur effektive zukunftige Entwicklung von Lernspielen ist fundiertes Wissen uber die Merkmale dieses


Human heart rate responses during experimentally induced anxiety.
  • G. Deane
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Exploratory behavior as a function of individual differences and level of arousal
  • Ph.D. dissertation,
  • 1965
Exploratory behavior as a function of individual differences and level o~ arousal
  • Ph.D. dissertation,
  • 1965
Eye Movements, Attention and Dreaming in Subjects with Lifelong Blindness*
This study was carried out for two purposes: 1) to determine whether subjects with lifelong blindness will demonstrate increases in REM rate during states of heightened attention; 2) to investigate
Monitoring eye movements during the learning of high and low meaningfulness paired-associate lists
Eye movements were monitored as Ss learned a high (Group H) and a low (Group L) m’ PA list. The learning for Group H was superior while the fixation functions of the two groups did not differ