Attempts at an Arab‐Zionist entente: 1913–1914

  title={Attempts at an Arab‐Zionist entente: 1913–1914},
  author={Neville J. Mandel},
  journal={Middle Eastern Studies},
(1) At the beginning of April 1913, Salim Najjar, a Syrian Arab journalist, wrote from Cairo to Sami Hochberg, editor of Le JeunleTurc in Constantinople. Salim Najjar was a member of the Arab nationalist "Decentralisation Party"; and Sami Hochberg was a Jew who was closely associated with members of the Zionist Executive, since his newspaper, Le Jeune-Turc, was subsidised by Zionist funds. Najjar had worked on the staff of this paper and thus knew Hochberg well. In his letter he told Hochberg… Expand
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