Attempted Low-Temperature Syntheses of Kaolin Minerals

  title={Attempted Low-Temperature Syntheses of Kaolin Minerals},
  author={George William Brindley and Christian de Kimpe},
ALTHOUGH kaolin minerals appear to be formed in Nature under acidic conditions at relatively low temperatures and low water-vapour pressures, their synthesis in the laboratory under similar conditions has been found exceptionally difficult. It appears that a proper choice of many variables is essential. In previous investigations1,2, individual kaolinite crystals have been obtained by ageing mixed alumina and silica gels for 2 months at 100° C. and under pH. conditions around 4.5, but the… 
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Kaolinite: Synthesis at Room Temperature

To obtain kaolinite at low temperature and pressure from the system Si(OH)4-Al3+-H2O, the sixfold coordination of aluminum is a necessary prerequisite. Kaolinite was synthesized at pH values from 2

Kaolinite Synthesis: The Role Of The Si/Al And (Alkali)/(H+) Ratio In Hydrothermal Systems

The Si/Al ratio of an hydrothermal system plays an important role in kaolinite synthesis. If the atomic Si/Al ratio of a system is greater than 2-0, kaolinite will disappear at 345 + 5°C and 2 kbars

The Octahedral Layer

In the first part of this paper the formation processes of pure octahedral hydroxides are investigated. Conditions of synthesis of aluminum, magnesium, iron and mixed Al-Mg, Al-Ca, Al-Fe systems are


The System Al2O3-H2O

A study has been made of phase equilibria in the system $$A1_{2}O_{3}-H_{2}O$$. Results are expressed in the form of a pressure-temperature diagram, showing regions of stability for the crystalline