[Attempt at treating multiple sclerosis by means of ultrasound stimulation of the lymphatic system].


The authors tried to apply ultrasound stimulation of the lymphatic system in patients with multiple sclerosis. This trial was undertaken in view of reports of German authors on favourable results of this therapeutic method. The treated group included 24 patients aged 20--54 years with steady or slowly progressive course of this disease in whom spastic paraparesis predominated in the clinical picture. Before starting and after the completion of this treatment each patient was examined and graded according to a 65-point scoring system taking into account the most important clinical parameters. After 4--6 months in 15 patients the course of treatment was repeated. One course of treatment included 24 procedures performed once daily. The procedure and technical data are described. The results obtained were as follows: 80% of patients reported subjective improvement, the objective status was improved by a mean value of 19% after the first course of treatment and 5% after the second treatment in relation to the initial state. Apart from some somnolence in the initial period of the course, no other side effects were observed. This report is regarded by the authors as a preliminary communication since for a better evaluation of this method the courses of treatment should be repeated several times and in a greater number of patients.

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