Attacks on Public Health Officials During COVID-19.

  title={Attacks on Public Health Officials During COVID-19.},
  author={M. Mello and J. Greene and J. Sharfstein},
Bioethics Theory-Building for Public Health
  • K. Meagher
  • Medicine
  • The American journal of bioethics : AJOB
  • 2021
The proviso is a good attempt to provide some limits to the interference of governments in attempting to promote what they believe to be objective goods. We have suggested however, that the proviso,Expand
Evaluation of Seasonal Respiratory Virus Activity Before and After the Statewide COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place Order in Northern California
This cohort study analyzes the implications of pandemic-related stay-at-home restrictions for the positivity rates of influenza and other seasonal respiratory viruses in Northern California.
Future directions of the National Institutes of Health Science of Behavior Change Program
The National Institutes of Health Science of Behavior Change Common Fund Program has accelerated the investigation of mechanisms of behavior change applicable to multiple health behaviors andExpand
Let’s do better: public representations of COVID-19 science
COVID science is being both done and circulated at a furious pace. While it is inspiring to see the research community responding so vigorously to the pandemic crisis, all this activity has also cr...
Public Health Across Partisan Lines: What Has Changed Since the Onset of COVID-19
From 2018 to 2020, respondents' familiarity with local public health departments rose 11% and their perception of the importance of the public health department to community health increased by 16%, and support for public health agencies differed significantly by political affiliation. Expand
Public Health COVID-19 Impact Assessment: Lessons Learned and Compelling Needs.
at Austin; Bob Hughes, PhD, Missouri Foundation for Health; Mary Bassett, MD, MPH, Harvard University; Georges Benjamin, MD, American Public Health Association; Michael Fraser, PhD, CAE, AssociationExpand
Public Health Officials and COVID-19: Leadership, Politics, and the Pandemic.
Registered Nurses’ Experiences With Incivility During the Early Phase of COVID-19 Pandemic: Results of a Multi-State Survey
Occupational health nurses, nursing leaders, and staff nurses need to work to restore relations that were fractured by incivility during the pandemic by decreasing role stress and organizational chaos. Expand
Stigma Linked to COVID-19
When it is safe to do so, medical professionals should not delay the treatment of patients who present with respiratory difficulties. Stigmatization of such patients can result in the unnecessaryExpand
The FDA and the COVID‐19: A political economy perspective
The FDA's regulations enacted before the CO VID‐19 pandemic began strongly restricted clinician and patient access to COVID‐19 testing, remdesivir treatment, and approving vaccines, and after the FDA issued EUAs, the healthcare sector quickly adopted COVID-19 testing and remdesvir with little evidence of negative consequences. Expand


Survey finds public support for legal interventions directed at health behavior to fight noncommunicable disease.
It is suggested that the least coercive path will be the smoothest and that support for interventions may be widespread among different social groups, and underscore the need for policy makers to involve the public in decision making, understand the public's values, and communicate how policy decisions reflect this understanding. Expand