Attack of the 50-foot social justice warrior: the discursive construction of SJW memes as the monstrous feminine

  title={Attack of the 50-foot social justice warrior: the discursive construction of SJW memes as the monstrous feminine},
  author={Adrienne Massanari and Shira Chess},
  journal={Feminist Media Studies},
  pages={525 - 542}
Abstract This essay considers the origin and meaning of “social justice warrior” (SJW) memes. Despite each term within the phrase suggesting potentially positive connotations, we argue that as deployed within “alt-right” communities, it implies a kind of monstrous feminine: a woman who is unwieldy and out of control. We catalogue and analyze this meme using a visual discourse analysis of texts gathered through Google Images and Reddit. Our findings suggest that the SJW meme is deployed to… 

Debating with Wertham's ghost: comic books, culture wars, and populist moral panics

ABSTRACT Seduction of the Innocent, by Fredric Wertham, contended that comic books could harm youth; it is popularly understood as the impetus for the creation of the Comics Code Authority that

Bros v. Hos: Postfeminism, Anti-feminism and the Toxic Turn in Digital Gender Politics

  • Debbie Ging
  • Art, Political Science
    Gender Hate Online
  • 2019
In recent years, digital media have facilitated a revival of feminist ideas and campaigns, as well as a virulent and especially toxic new strand of anti-feminism. The new anti-feminism has been

The monstrous-feminine in the incel imagination: Investigating the representation of women as “femoids” on /r/Braincels

ABSTRACT This article presents a study of the discourses circulating /r/Braincels, the (now-defunct) forum on Reddit for self-proclaimed “incels,” that bolster the belief in the structural

Neoliberalism, the Far Right, and the Disparaging of “Social Justice Warriors”

This paper examines the cultural politics of a conjunctural moment where the terms of neoliberal hegemony have been destabilized and the far right has been reinvigorated. Instead of simply assuming

‘Kim Davis be like  … ’: a feminist critique of gender humor in online political memes

ABSTRACT In this era of participatory and social media, memes have become a user-generated form of political discussion. The online conversation surrounding Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis who was

Rape Culture: Anti-Feminist Backlash against a Feminist Concept

Background: Since 2012, the feminist term rape culture has been broadly used in Canada and the U.S. to explain the cultural and structural supports that reproduce sexual violence, yet in recent years

Memes, trolls and the manosphere: mapping the manifold expressions of antifeminism and misogyny online

ABSTRACT Through a number of case studies, this article will conduct an analysis of the sometimes seemingly ubiquitous antifeminism, and even misogyny, in certain anglophone online spaces, and of

Memetic commemorations: remixing far-right values in digital spheres

ABSTRACT This paper examines memetic content as a window into the values expressed by far-right constituents. Our main premise was that far-right memes are a site of interaction between two types of

‘Smash the patriarchy’: the changing meanings and work of ‘patriarchy’ memes

: This article discusses the resurgence of the term ‘patriarchy’ in digital culture and reflects on the everyday online meanings of the term in distinction to academic theorisations. In the

‘Does anybody really care what a racist says?’ Anti-racism in ‘post-racial’ times

In September 2016 a new five-pound note entered circulation. In an online article, I offered a counter-hegemonic reading of Winston Churchill’s life in order to critique his depiction on the note.



Doing feminism in the network: Networked laughter and the ‘Binders Full of Women’ meme

We analyse how memes construct networks of feminist critique and response, mobilising the derisive laughter that energises current feminisms. Using the 2012 case of the ‘Binders Full of Women’ meme,

At Stake: Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture

At Stake: Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture. Edward J. Ingebretsen. Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press, 2001. 341 pp. $40 hbk. For hundreds of years, people have told much

The Devil, the Body, and the Feminine Soul in Puritan New England

Puritans regarded the soul as feminine and characterized it as insatiable, as consonant with the supposedly unappeasable nature of women. If historians have noticed the New England Puritans'

Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity

Preface (1999) Preface (1990) 1. Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire I. 'Women' as the Subject of Feminism II. The Compulsory Order of Sex/Gender/Desire III. Gender: The Circular Ruins of Contemporary

Social justice in the age of identity politics: redistribution, recognition, participation

Today, claims for social justice seem to divide into two types: claims for the redistribution of resources and claims for the recognition of cultural difference. Increasingly, these two kind of

Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection

I. Approaching Abjection2. Something to Be Scared Of3. From Filth to Defilement4. Semiotics of Biblical Abomination5... Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi6. C line: Neither Actor nor Martyr7. Suffering and

WWW.HATE.COM: White Supremacist Discourse on the Internet and the Construction of Whiteness Ideology

The Internet connects people from different parts of the world in a way that no other technological innovation can. Extremists and hate mongrels use the Internet to access a potential audience of

The Intensification of Hating: A Theory

Hate, a simple word, is easily understood by young children. But as a concept, hate is vast, complex, and slippery. The study of hate is not limited to one discipline; it is studied throughout the

A Conspiracy of Fishes, or, How We Learned to Stop Worrying About #GamerGate and Embrace Hegemonic Masculinity

Recently, the margins between gaming and feminism have become increasingly contentious (Salter & Blodgett, 2012). This article addresses a cultural moment where masculine gaming culture became aware

#Gamergate and The Fappening: How Reddit’s algorithm, governance, and culture support toxic technocultures

The ways in which Reddit’s karma point system, aggregation of material across subreddits, ease of subreddit and user account creation, governance structure, and policies around offensive content serve to provide fertile ground for anti-feminist and misogynistic activism are considered.