Attachment theory underestimates the child

  title={Attachment theory underestimates the child},
  author={Judith Rich Harris},
  journal={Behavioral and Brain Sciences},
  pages={30 - 30}
  • J. Harris
  • Published 1 February 2009
  • Psychology
  • Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Abstract The problem with elaborations of attachment theory is attachment theory itself. How would a mind that works the way the theory posits have increased its owner's fitness in hunter-gatherer times? The child's mind is more capacious and discerning than attachment theorists give it credit for. Early-appearing, long-lasting personality characteristics, often mistaken for the lingering effects of early experiences, are more likely due to genetic influences on personality. 
The ‘Goal-Corrected Partnership’ in Attachment Theory: A Critical Assessment of the Research Programme
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The Effect of Life Expectancy on Aggression and Generativity: A Life History Perspective
  • C. Dunkel, E. Mathes, D. R. Papini
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    Evolutionary psychology : an international journal of evolutionary approaches to psychology and behavior
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It was found that shorter life expectancies led to an increase in the want to aggress and a decrease in the desire to engage in generative behaviors.
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우주용 자재의 적용 및 검증 기술
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The evolution of personality variation in humans and other animals.
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  • Psychology
    The American psychologist
  • 2006
The author argues that each of the Big Five dimensions of human personality can be seen as the result of a trade-off between different fitness costs and benefits, and that genetic diversity will be retained in the population.
Family structure and age at menarche: a children-of-twins approach.
Controls for genetic and shared environmental experiences offered by the children-of-twins design found that cousins discordant for stepfathering did not differ in age of menarche, suggesting selection, and not causation, accounts for the relationship between step fathering and early menarches.
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50% of the variability of personal ity within a population. The find ing of genetic influences on person ality has been replicated across American, Australian, British, Finnish, Swedish, and Russian
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Precocious puberty: a comprehensive review of literature.
  • S. Cesario, L. Hughes
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Public Information and Breeding Habitat Selection in a Wild Bird Population
Test the hypothesis that animal species may monitor the current reproductive success of conspecifics to assess local habitat quality and to choose their own subsequent breeding site by manipulating two components of public information, the mean number of offspring raised locally and their condition, in the collared flycatcher Ficedula albicollis.