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Attachment and religious representations and behavior

  title={Attachment and religious representations and behavior},
  author={Pehr Granqvist and Lee A. Kirkpatrick},
This chapter is divided into five major sections. In the first, we argue that people’s perceived relationships with God meet the defining criteria of attachment relationships reasonably well, and h ... 
Attachment Theory, Religious Beliefs, and the Limits of Reason
This paper takes a new look at Freud’s critique of religious beliefs and wishes from the perspective of current attachment theory, particularly with reference to Peter Fonagy. By reconceptualizing
Attachment theory and religious violence: theorizing adult religious psychopathology
CITATION: Counted, V. 2017. Attachment theory and religious violence : theorizing adult religious psychopathology. Journal for the study of religion, 30(1):78-109, doi:10.17159/2413-3027/2017/v30n1a4.
Trauma, place, and transformation
This commentary comprises three different responses to Counted and Zock’s article: “Place Spirituality: An Attachment Perspective.” The first response is from Esther Sternberg, MD, who gives a
God and Sin After 50: Gender and Religious Affiliation
Eighty-six participants, 50 years and older, were given the Penn Inventory of Scrupulosity (PIOS) and the Attachment to God Inventory (AGI). Highly religious participants (Methodist or Baptist)
Attachment and Religious Beliefs––Attachment Styles in Evangelical Christians
  • T. Ross
  • Psychology
    Journal of Religion and Health
  • 2006
Attachment styles, interpersonal problems, and personality variables were identified in male members of two German charismatic Christian congregations. To assess attachment styles and interpersonal
Attachment theory and religion.
Attachment and women’s faith development
This article explores the relationship between human attachment and God attachment, particularly in Christian women’s experiences of faith. It is based on the attachment perspective as a conceptual
Religion, Place and Attachment: An Evaluation of Conceptual Frameworks
This chapter explores conceptual frameworks used for assessing the links between religious and place attachment and the role they play as objects of attachment and alternate security systems in
The Psychology of Youth Faith Formation
The present study explores the individual differences in the experience of faith formation using the framework of attachment theory, as it looks at what inspires attachment behaviours toward God. The
Formative Experiences of Orthodox Jewish Women: Attachment Patterns and Spiritual Development
This qualitative study examines formative spiritual experiences of thirteen Orthodox Jewish women. The author discusses differences between Orthodox-born women and women returnees to Orthodoxy. From