Attachment Retained Cast Partial Denture: Conventional and Contemporary Treatment Perspectives

  title={Attachment Retained Cast Partial Denture: Conventional and Contemporary Treatment Perspectives},
  author={Sakshi Gupta and Sapna Rani and Arpit Sikri and A. K. Chaudhary and Amit Kumar},
situations and few missing teeth in either upper arch or lower arch. In such partial edentulous situations, implant prosthodontics has paved the way for contemporary dentistry, although conventional removable prosthodontics has been a treatment consideration where implant therapy is not possible due to local or systemic factors or economic reasons.2 While replacing missing teeth, our primary goal should be to restore function and preservation of oral tissues and esthetics. Numerous removable… 

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A Distinct Parallel Attachment System for the Rehabilitation of Kennedy’s Class 2 Partially Edentulous Arch – A Case Report

This case report explains restoration of partially edentulous arch by incorporating a Preci Sagix attachment in mandibular cast partial denture retained by a six-unit FPD and a maxillary conventional castpartial denture.

Contemporary Approach of Distal Extension Rehabilitation with Precision Attachment and Cast Partial Denture: A Report of Two Cases

This paper describes report of two cases in which rehabilitation of distal extension was done with precision attachments followed by cast partial denture.

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Rec rehabilitation of a partially edentulous patient with attachment retained hybrid prosthesis is described.

Comparison between Integrated and Parallel Interlock Designs of an Extracoronal Attachment-retained Distal Extension Removable Partial Dentures: A Clinical Trial

RPDs of both designs showed an increase in periodontal parameters, and it is preferable to use the attachment-retained RPD with integrated interlock instead of parallel interlock design.

Sanacija djelomične bezubosti kombiniranim radom

Attention is focused on the treatment of partial edentulism with combined fixed-mobile prosthetic restorations, in particular, partial dentures with retentive clasps and attachments as an excellent solution in terms of retention, stabilization and functionality.



Precision attachment-retained removable partial dentures: Part 2. Long-term study of ball attachments.

  • B. Owall
  • Medicine, Materials Science
    The International journal of prosthodontics
  • 1995
Patients provided with 24 ball attachment-retained removable partial dentures were followed up to 23.5 years, and no technical failures were recorded with the fixedpartial dentures.

Precision attachments for aesthetics and function: a case report.

This article presents a method of fabrication of semi-precision attachment to eliminate metal display and enhance aestheticity in Removable Partial Denture (RPD).

Review of attachments for removable partial denture design: 1. Classification and selection.

The advantages and disadvantages of attachment use as well as indications and contraindications are considered and the conventional clasp-type direct retainer is compared to attachments.

Extracoronal resilient attachments in distal-extension removable partial dentures.

Clinical procedures are presented for a new design of a removable partial denture that improves esthetics and function through a new dental attachment that offers vertical resiliency and universal stress relief for use where a resilient prosthesis is indicated.

Precision attachment case restoration with implant abutments: a review with case reports.

  • E. Feinberg
  • Materials Science, Medicine
    The Journal of oral implantology
  • 2011
This type of case has been used successfully for more than 17 years and offers tremendous advantages over the conventional overdenture approach to removal restorations on implant abutments.

A review of attachments for removable partial denture design: Part 2. Treatment planning and attachment selection.

The tooth/tissue-supported removable partial denture is carefully reviewed and several treatment philosophies for attachment use in this situation are discussed.

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