Atracurium infusion in the intensive care unit.

  title={Atracurium infusion in the intensive care unit.},
  author={A J Wadon and S Dogra and Sonia Taj Anand},
  journal={British journal of anaesthesia},
  volume={58 Suppl 1},
An open study of 38 infusions of atracurium in 33 patients requiring neuromuscular blockade for ventilation was carried out. Consecutive patients requiring ventilation were studied and there were no exclusions. The initial rate of infusion was 0.4 mg kg-1 h-1 and this was adjusted according to clinical observation and the results of neuromuscular stimulation. The average infusion rate in the series was 0.59 mg kg-1 h-1. Patients were sedated using a morphine infusion at a rate of 2-4 mg kg-1 h… CONTINUE READING

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