Atopic sensitization among children in an arctic environment.

  title={Atopic sensitization among children in an arctic environment.},
  author={Tyra Grove Krause and Andrea Koch and Lars K{\ae}rgaard Poulsen and Bjarne Kristensen and Ove Rosing Olsen and Mads Melbye},
  journal={Clinical and experimental allergy : journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology},
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BACKGROUND Asthma has been reported to be rare among Inuits, but so far total and specific IgE levels have never been determined in arctic populations. OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of atopy in children living in an arctic environment, and to examine whether atopy and total IgE levels were associated with parental place of birth, as a measure of ethnicity, and travel history. MATERIAL AND METHODS All schoolchildren in Sisimiut, a community on the West coast of Greenland, were… CONTINUE READING