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Atopic profiles, familial histories, and coexisting conditions associated with hand eczema.

  title={Atopic profiles, familial histories, and coexisting conditions associated with hand eczema.},
  author={William Abramovits and Lisa C. Stevenson},
  volume={4 4},
BACKGROUND Many of the eczema cases seen by dermatologists involve the hands. The discomfort and embarrassment of hand dermatitis in any of its forms may compromise a patient's quality of life, causing frustrated attempts to identify the cause of the disease and engendering disappointment with treatment failures. METHODS The authors assessed the severity scores for each patient, personal and familial histories of atopy, coexisting conditions, triggers of irritation, types of treatments, and… 
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Dermatitis/eczema are synonymous, often used to indicate a polymorphic pattern of the inflammation of the skin, characterized by pruritus, erythema and vesiculation, a spectrum delineated into acute sub‐acute and chronic dermatitis of the hands.
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