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Atomistic Modelling of Energy Dissipation in Nanoscale Gears

  title={Atomistic Modelling of Energy Dissipation in Nanoscale Gears},
  author={Huang Lin and Alexander Croy and Rafael Gutierrez and G. Cuniberti},
Molecule- and solid-state gears build the elementary constituents of nanoscale mechanical machineries. Recent experimental advances in fabrication technologies in the field have strongly contributed to better delineate the roadmap to-wards the ultimate goal of engineering molecular-scale mechanical devices. To com-plement experimental studies, computer simulations play an invaluable role, since they allow to address, with atomistic resolution, various fundamental issues such as the transmission… 

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Effect of lubricants on the rotational transmission between solid-state gears

It is found that lubricants can help to synchronize the rotational transmission between gears regardless of the molecular species and the center-of-mass distance.

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