Atomic-scale disproportionation in amorphous silicon monoxide

  title={Atomic-scale disproportionation in amorphous silicon monoxide},
  author={Akihiko Hirata and Shinji Kohara and Toshihiro Asada and Masazumi Arao and Chihiro Yogi and Hideto Imai and Yongwen Tan and Takeshi Fujita and Mingwei Chen},
  journal={Nature Communications},
Solid silicon monoxide is an amorphous material which has been commercialized for many functional applications. However, the amorphous structure of silicon monoxide is a long-standing question because of the uncommon valence state of silicon in the oxide. It has been deduced that amorphous silicon monoxide undergoes an unusual disproportionation by forming silicon- and silicon-dioxide-like regions. Nevertheless, the direct experimental observation is still missing. Here we report the amorphous… Expand
Atomistic origin of amorphous-structure-promoted oxidation of silicon
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Athermal Solid Phase Reaction in Pt/SiOx Thin Films Induced by Electron Irradiation
  • Kazuhisa Sato, H. Mori
  • Medicine
  • ACS omega
  • 2021
Microelectronics based on Si requires metal silicide contacts. The ability to form platinum silicide (Pt2Si) by electronic excitation instead of thermal processes would benefit the field. We studiedExpand
Size effect on the growth and pulverization behavior of Si nanodomains in SiO anode
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Unraveling the Reaction Mechanisms of SiO Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries by Combining in Situ 7Li and ex Situ 7Li/29Si Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy.
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Unusual inhomogeneous microstructures in charge glass state of PbCrO3
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Large-Scale Synthesis of Colloidal Si Nanocrystals and Their Helium Plasma Processing into Spin-On, Carbon-Free Nanocrystalline Si Films.
It is shown that the reactive ion etching rate in these films is 1.87 times faster than that for single-crystalline Si, consistent with a simple geometric argument that accounts for the nanoscale roughness caused by the nanoparticle shape. Expand
Two-dimensional silicon suboxides nanostructures with Si nanodomains confined in amorphous SiO2 derived from siloxene as high performance anode for Li-ion batteries
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Amorphous vs Crystalline in Water Oxidation Catalysis: A Case Study of NiFe alloy.
It is demonstrated that amorphous catalyst can be electrochemically activated to expose active sites in the bulk, thanks to the short range order of the amorphus structure, which greatly increases the number of active sites and thus improves the electrocatalytic activity of amorphously catalyst in water oxidation. Expand


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