Atomic fountain of laser-cooled Yb atoms for precision measurements

  title={Atomic fountain of laser-cooled Yb atoms for precision measurements},
  author={Kanhaiya Pandey and Ketan D. Rathod and Alok Kumar Singh and Vasant Natarajan},
  journal={Physical Review A},
We demonstrate launching of laser-cooled Yb atoms in a cold atomic fountain. Atoms in a collimated thermal beam are first cooled and captured in a magneto-optical trap (MOT) operating on the strongly allowed S-1(0) -> P-1(1) transition at 399 nm (blue line). They are then transferred to a MOT on the weakly allowed S-1(0) -> P-3(1) transition at 556 nm (green line). Cold atoms from the green MOT are launched against gravity at a velocity of around 2.5 m/s using a pair of green beams. We trap… Expand

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