Atomic-Scale Mechanisms for Low-NIEL Dopant-Type Dependent Damage in Si

  title={Atomic-Scale Mechanisms for Low-NIEL Dopant-Type Dependent Damage in Si},
  author={Matthew J Beck and L. Tsetseris and M. Caussanel and R. D. Schrimpf and D. M. Fleetwood and S. T. Pantelides},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science},
While calculated non-ionizing energy loss (NIEL) generally correlates well to first order with radiation-induced displacement damage rates, it does not account for some well-known differences in damage rates for n- and p-type Si. Here we show that the magnitude of these differences, DeltaKn-p, correlates closely with the fraction of total displacement damage due to low-energy primary knock-on atom (PKA) recoils. The primary products of these displacement damage events, with PKA recoils <~ 2 keV… CONTINUE READING


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