Atomic Positions in Rhombohedral 2-Zinc Insulin Crystals

  title={Atomic Positions in Rhombohedral 2-Zinc Insulin Crystals},
  author={Tom L. Blundell and John F. Cutfield and Sue M Cutfield and Eleanor J. Dodson and Guy G. Dodson and Dorothy Mary Crowfoot Hodgkin and Dan Mercola and Mamannamana Vijayan},
Atomic positions in three dimensions have been derived for the two non-identical molecules of insulin in rhombohedral 2-zinc insulin crystals. Interesting correlations appear in their relation to the sequence variations observed so far in natural insulins. 

Rhombohedral insulin crystal transformation.

Water of co-ordination in insulin.

Structure of insulin in 4-zinc insulin

It is found, from electron density calculations on 4-zinc pig insulin, that the apparent similarity of the crystal structures conceals a surprisingly large change in the conformation of one only of the two insulin molecules in the unit.

Receptor-binding region of insulin

X-ray analysis, circular dichroism, receptor binding and biological potencies of chemically modified insulins suggest that the conformation of the insulin molecule is critical to the formation of

Transmission of conformational change in insulin

Crystal structures of insulin contain molecules that are similar but not identical in conformation, which limits the extent to which conformational changes can be dissipated locally, causing their transmission over long distances.



Structure of Rhombohedral 2 Zinc Insulin Crystals

An electron density map has been calculated at a resolution of 2.8 Å which shows many details of the arrangement of the atoms in rhombohedral crystals of insulin.

The binding of transition metal ions in insulin crystals.

A mathematical model-building procedure for proteins

to be 0.112 A shorter than the sum of the Pauling covalent radii for carbon and sulphur. This bond must therefore possess considerable double-bond character. Cucka (1963) also puts forward an

Species variation in the amino acid sequence of insulin.

  • L. Smith
  • Biology
    The American journal of medicine
  • 1966