Atomic Force Microscopy

  title={Atomic Force Microscopy},
  author={Bert Voigtl{\"a}nder},
  journal={Atomic Force Microscopy},

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Alignment method for the accurate and precise quantification of tip-surface forces
We introduce a procedure to determine accurate and precise force-distance curves in dynamic force measurements utilizing a sharp tip. While single force curves are prone to systematic, oftenExpand
Automatic locking of a parametrically resonating, base-excited, nonlinear beam
Described is a closed-loop control scheme capable of stabilizing a parametrically excited nonlinear structure in several vibration modes. By setting the relative phase between the spatially filteredExpand
Characterizing Batteries by In Situ Electrochemical Atomic Force Microscopy: A Critical Review
  • Zhenyu Zhang, S. Said, +5 authors Thomas S. Miller
  • Advanced Energy Materials
  • 2021
DOI: 10.1002/aenm.202101518 Numerous important processes occur at/through the solid/liquid interface of battery electrodes and hence understanding processes at these interfaces is pivotal whenExpand
Controlled Transportation of Light by Light at the Microscale.
We show how light can be controllably transported by light at microscale dimensions. We design a miniature device that consists of a short segment of an optical fiber coupled to transversallyExpand
Fitting of Atomic Force Microscopy Force Curves with a Sparse Representation Model
  • Qing Wang, Nan Hu, Junbo Duan
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Problems in Engineering
  • 2021
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a high-resolution scanning technology, and the measured data are a set of force curves, which can be fitted with a piecewise curve model and be analyzed further. MostExpand
Force microscopy cantilevers locally heated in a fluid: Temperature fields and effects on the dynamics
Atomic force microscopy cantilevers are often, intentionally or not, heated at their extremity. We describe a model to compute the resulting temperature field in the cantilever and in the surroundingExpand
Heteroepitaxy of OP-GaP on GaAs for frequency conversion in mid-IR and THz regions
............................................................................................... .....I AbstraktExpand


A note on stability analysis using Bode plots
Juergen Hahn is a PhD candidate working as a research assistant in chemical engineering at the University of Texas, Austin and his research interests include process modeling, nonlinear model reduction, and nonlinearity quantification. Expand
Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics
This book is designed for the junior-senior thermodynamics course given in all departments as a standard part of the curriculum. The book is devoted to a discussion of some of the basic physicalExpand
Thermal Agitation of Electricity in Conductors.
Phase Locked Loops, 6th edn. (Mc
  • 2007
Effects of adsorbed water layer structure on adhesion force of silicon oxide nanoasperity contact in humid ambient.
A solid-adsorbate-solid model is developed calculating the contributions from capillary forces, van der Waals interactions, and the rupture of an ice-ice bridge at the center of the contact region that illustrates how the structure, thickness, and viscoelastic behavior of the adsorbed water layer influence the adhesion force of the silicon oxide nanoasperity contact. Expand
数字信号处理 = Understanding digital signal processing
Comprehensive in scope, and gentle in approach, this book will help you achieve a thorough grasp of the basics and move gradually to more sophisticated DSP concepts and applications. Expand
Fabiein, in Surface Tension in Microsystems, Microtechnology and MEMS, ed
  • 2013
analyticalmodel for the elastic deformation of an adhesive contact between a sphere and a flat surface
  • J. Colloid Interface Sci. 261,
  • 2003
Adhesion of spheres : the JKR-DMT transition using a dugdale model
Abstract In the Johnson-Kendall-Roberts (JKR) approximation, adhesion forces outside the area of contact are neglected and elastic stresses at the edge of the contact are infinite, as in linearExpand
On the influence of molecular forces on the deformation of an elastic sphere and its sticking to a rigid plane
Abstract In this paper we have examined what influence the molecular interaction of spherical elastic particles with the rigid substrate exerts on their adhesion, the form close to the contact zone,Expand