Atomic Description of an Enzyme Reaction Dominated by Proton Tunneling

  title={Atomic Description of an Enzyme Reaction Dominated by Proton Tunneling},
  author={Laura Masgrau and A. Roujeinikova and L. Johannissen and P. Hothi and J. Basran and K. E. Ranaghan and A. Mulholland and M. Sutcliffe and N. Scrutton and D. Leys},
  pages={237 - 241}
  • Laura Masgrau, A. Roujeinikova, +7 authors D. Leys
  • Published 2006
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Science
  • We present an atomic-level description of the reaction chemistry of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction dominated by proton tunneling. By solving structures of reaction intermediates at near-atomic resolution, we have identified the reaction pathway for tryptamine oxidation by aromatic amine dehydrogenase. Combining experiment and computer simulation, we show proton transfer occurs predominantly to oxygen O2 of Asp128β in a reaction dominated by tunneling over ∼0.6 angstroms. The role of long-range… CONTINUE READING
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