Atom probe studies on the early stages of precipitation in Al-Mg-Si alloys

  title={Atom probe studies on the early stages of precipitation in Al-Mg-Si alloys},
  author={Mitsuhiro Murayama and Kazuhiro Hono and Makoto Saga and Michio Kikuchi},
Pre-precipitation stages of Al-0.70Mg-0.33Si and Al-0.65Mg-0.70Si (at.%) alloys have been investigated by atom probe field ion microscopy (APFIM) and high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HREM). Atom probe results show that clusters of Mg atoms are present in the asquenched state. After a prolonged aging at room temperature, clusters of Mg, Si and their co-clusters are detected, although no contrast suggesting the presence of precipitates are observed in HREM images. In the… CONTINUE READING


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