Atom-Based RF Electric Field Metrology: From Self-Calibrated Measurements to Subwavelength and Near-Field Imaging

  title={Atom-Based RF Electric Field Metrology: From Self-Calibrated Measurements to Subwavelength and Near-Field Imaging},
  author={Christopher L. Holloway and Matthew T. Simons and Joshua A. Gordon and Perry F. Wilson and Caitlyn M. Cooke and David A. Anderson and Georg A. Raithel},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility},
We discuss a fundamentally new method for electric (E) field strength (V/m) metrology applicable to the near-field. This new approach is significantly different from currently used field measurement techniques in that it is based on the interaction of radio-frequency (RF) E-fields with Rydberg atoms (alkali atoms placed in a glass vapor cell that are excited optically to Rydberg states). The applied RF E-field alters the state of the atoms. The Rydberg atoms act like an RF-to-optical transducer… CONTINUE READING


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