Atmospheric pressure photoionization. II. Dual source ionization.

  title={Atmospheric pressure photoionization. II. Dual source ionization.},
  author={Jack A Syage and Karl A. Hanold and Thomas C Lynn and Julie A Horner and Rohan A Thakur},
  journal={Journal of chromatography. A},
  volume={1050 2},
In this paper we describe results based on the combination of atmospheric pressure photoionization (APPI) with atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) and electrospray ionization (ESI). The main purpose of combining more than one ionizer is to extend the range of compounds that can be simultaneously analyzed. Three modes of operation are presented; use of either ionizer, simultaneous use of two ionizers, and rapid switching between ionizers during a single chromatographic run. The dual… CONTINUE READING
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