Atmospheric plasma inactivation of biofilm-forming bacteria for food safety control

  title={Atmospheric plasma inactivation of biofilm-forming bacteria for food safety control},
  author={Manja Vleugels and Gilbert Shama and X. Deng and E J Greenacre and Tim F. Brocklehurst and M N Kong},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science},
The ability of atmospheric pressure glow discharges (APGD) to inactivate microorganisms has been demonstrated in a number of previous studies. However, most of this work has been performed using microorganisms that do not form biofilms and with the microorganisms supported on abiotic surfaces that discourage cell growth. When microorganisms attach to the surface of a food, they can extract nutrients from the food and proliferate at the surface. Often this growth takes the form of biofilms which… CONTINUE READING
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