Atmospheric nanoparticles formed from heterogeneous reactions of organics

  title={Atmospheric nanoparticles formed from heterogeneous reactions of organics},
  author={LinWang and Alexei Khalizov and Jun Zheng and Wen Xu and Yan Ma and Vinita Lal and Reńyi Zhang},
Atmospheric aerosols directly and indirectly affect the radiative balance of the Earth’s atmosphere1. Nanoparticles are a key component of atmospheric aerosols, growing rapidly under ambient conditions2–4. Organic species are thought to lead to the growth of nanoparticles smaller than 20 nm (refs 5, 6), but the identity of these species and the underlying chemical mechanisms remain elusive. Here we exposed nanoparticles to a range of organic vapours—2,4-hexadienal, glyoxal and trimethylamine… CONTINUE READING