Atlas Line-Imaging ORVIS Diagnostic

  title={Atlas Line-Imaging ORVIS Diagnostic},
  author={R. M. Malone and D. L. Esquibel and B. C. Frogget and G. A. Lare and J. R. Becker and S Clarke and P. Goodwin and Quinn Mcculloch and Gustavo Rodr{\'i}guez},
  journal={2005 IEEE Pulsed Power Conference},
Many pulsed-power facilities used for high energy density experiments require diagnostics that can measure the velocity histories of shocked materials. The Atlas pulsed-power Z-pinch machine (located at the Nevada Test Site) is a 23-megajoule capacitor bank capable of delivering 28 mega-amperes in an approximately 5 microsecond rise time pulse into a… CONTINUE READING