Athletic injuries: Comparison by age, sport, and gender

  title={Athletic injuries: Comparison by age, sport, and gender},
  author={Kenneth E. Dehaven and David M. Lintner},
  journal={The American Journal of Sports Medicine},
  pages={218 - 224}
  • K. Dehaven, D. Lintner
  • Published 1 May 1986
  • Medicine, Education
  • The American Journal of Sports Medicine
Injuries treated at the University of Rochester Section of Sports Medicine over a 7 year period were surveyed. Patients were drawn from professional, intercollegiate (Division 111), high school, intramural, and unorganized athletics at the University and the surrounding com munity. Data on injury diagnosis was available for 4,551 cases, with data on age, gender, and sport of injury available for 3,431 of the cases. The average patient age was 21.6 years, with a peak in the 16 to 19 age group… 

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