Athlete Aggression on the Rink and off the Ice

  title={Athlete Aggression on the Rink and off the Ice},
  author={Nick T. Pappas and Patrick C. McKenry and Beth Skilken Catlett},
  journal={Men and Masculinities},
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Because male athletes have exhibited aggressive tendencies in a variety of settings, they may be at risk for using violence both within and beyond their sports involvement. Five former college/professional hockey players were interviewed to determine their perspectives on the nature of aggression and violence in sports competition as well as in social relationships.The informants were asked aboutathletes’violence and aggression toward teammates, acquaintances, and female intimates. This… 
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This exploratory qualitative study concerned elite-level male Australian footballers' attitudes to and experience of off-the-field aggression and violence. Semi-structured interviews were conducted
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Aggression and violence are common characteristics of professional ice hockey games. While hockey players are encouraged to be aggressive on-ice, these behaviors are not welcomed off the ice.
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Over the past several years, many athletes, football players in particular, have been accused of sexually violent acts. This article explores various aspects of an athlete’s life that could influence
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Aggression and violence are common characteristics of professional ice hockey games. While hockey players are encouraged to be aggressive on-ice, these behaviors are not welcomed off the ice.
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This review describes some of the academic literature, primarily from the United States, and identifies similar themes and prevention suggestions that appear across disciplines and argues that the three subsets are an interconnected whole of sports-related violence that deserves more detailed study.
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Abstract Involvement in sport is not a barrier to negative behaviours, and athletes, like others in society, become involved in criminality. There is a relative paucity of research into the
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Predicting the use of Aggressive Behaviour Among Canadian Amateur Hockey Players: A Psychosocial Examination CHRIS J. GEE Doctor of Philosophy, 2010 Department of Exercise Sciences, University of
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Qualitative research on the relationship between masculinity and hockey violence has suggested that players endorsing traditional masculine behavior were more likely to engage in violence than
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Fraternal membership, intercollegiate athletic participation, and sex composition of living arrangements were investigated as possible correlates of sexual coercion, with no significant effect on rape proclivity or sexual victimization.
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Violence is an unfortunate and unpleasant aspect of many sporting contests. It is a challenging task to unravel the complex reasons that underly the phenomenon. As of yet this task has not been
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The present study was conducted to determine the extent of sexual victimization among undergraduate women at a large midwestern university with specific attention to alcohol use, fraternity
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Findings suggest that characteristics of athletes rather than athletic participation alone must be considered further in examining the presumed link between athletes and sexual assault.
This article is based on in-depth interviews with 30 male former athletes of different race and class. I use feminist theories of the social construction of gender to explore the relationship between
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The fundamental tenet of the violent subculture hypothesis, in its generic form, is that violent behavior results from a set of proviolence values and attitudes. The present research was to test this
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