Atherosclerotic axillary artery aneurysm.

  title={Atherosclerotic axillary artery aneurysm.},
  author={Gareth Morris-Stiff and Mari Coxon and Erin Ball and Michael Howell Lewis},
  journal={Minerva chirurgica},
  volume={63 1},
True aneurysms of the axillary artery are rare, most pulsatile masses in the region being pseudoaneurysms. The present study reports a case of a true atherosclerotic axillary artery aneurysm arising in a 65 year old lady which presented with a short history of a painless pulsatile mass and sensory defecit in the hand in the absence of limb trauma. Following preoperative imaging to determine the anatomic details, she underwent repair of the aneurysm and made an excellent symptomatic recovery.