Atherosclerosis: the interplay between lipids and immune cells.

  title={Atherosclerosis: the interplay between lipids and immune cells.},
  author={Frank H. Schaftenaar and Vanessa Frodermann and Johan Kuiper and Esther Lutgens},
  journal={Current opinion in lipidology},
  volume={27 3},
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality worldwide. The underlying cause of the majority of cardiovascular disease is atherosclerosis. In the past, atherosclerosis was considered to be the result of passive lipid accumulation in the vessel wall. However, today's picture of the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis is much more complex, with a key role for immune cells and inflammation in conjunction with hyperlipidemia, especially elevated (modified) LDL levels… CONTINUE READING
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