Atherosclerosis: basic mechanisms. Oxidation, inflammation, and genetics.

  title={Atherosclerosis: basic mechanisms. Oxidation, inflammation, and genetics.},
  author={Judith A. Berliner and Mohamad Navab and Alan M. Fogelman and Joy S. Frank and Linda L. Demer and Peter A. Edwards and Andrew D. Watson and Aldons J. Lusis},
  volume={91 9},
The clinical events resulting from atherosclerosis are directly related to the oxidation of lipids in LDLs that become trapped in the extracellular matrix of the subendothelial space. These oxidized lipids activate an NF kappa B-like transcription factor and induce the expression of genes containing NF kappa B binding sites. The protein products of these genes initiate an inflammatory response that initially leads to the development of the fatty streak. The progression of the lesion is… CONTINUE READING
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