Atherogenesis and atherothrombosis--focus on diabetes mellitus.

  title={Atherogenesis and atherothrombosis--focus on diabetes mellitus.},
  author={Bernd Stratmann and Diethelm Tschoepe},
  journal={Best practice & research. Clinical endocrinology & metabolism},
  volume={23 3},
Diabetes mellitus represents a major cause of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in developed countries, and atherothrombosis accounts for most deaths among patients with diabetes mellitus. Atherothrombosis is defined as atherosclerotic lesion disruption with superimposed thrombus formation. As a long-term, progressive disease process, atherosclerosis often results in an acute atherothrombotic event through plaque rupture and formation of a platelet-rich thrombus. The principal clinical… CONTINUE READING