Atheroablation with the Kensey catheter: a pathologic study.

  title={Atheroablation with the Kensey catheter: a pathologic study.},
  author={Cory C. Coleman and Irene P. Posalaky and Jeffrey D. Robinson and William D. Payne and Zeev Vlodaver and Kurt Amplatz},
  volume={170 2},
The mode of action of the Kensey catheter, a new atheroablation device, was investigated. Fresh above-the-knee amputated legs were used for recanalization of the superficial femoral artery. The variables used were identical to those of clinical trials, including a rotational speed of 50,000 rpm and an injection rate of 40 mL/min. The debris produced by the catheter was studied cytologically, and the arterial segments were examined histologically. The particle size in the debris ranged from 1 to… CONTINUE READING