Atenolol in Hypertension : A Card ioselective 662 EZRA ,


tenolol (Teriormin) is a new -adrenergic blocking compound (Fig 1). It is considered to be a cardioselective fl-blocker, which is effective when given once daily. 1 Animal studies have shown that it is a specific inhibitor of ni-receptors, possesses no intrinsic sympathomimetic effects, has no membrane-stabilizing effect, and does not cross the blood-brain barrier.4 Theoretically, it thus seems to offer certain advantages in the treatment of hypertension. In light of the fact that some investigators gave atenolol twice daily5 and the known bronchoconstrictor effect of $-blockers, the present study was carried out in order to learn the effect of one daily dose of atenolol on hypertension, with special attention to respiratory function during treatment.

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