Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Constraints on cosmic birefringence

  title={Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Constraints on cosmic birefringence},
  author={T. Namikawa and Yilun Guan and Omar Darwish and B. Sherwin and S. Aiola and N. Battaglia and J. Beall and D. Becker and J. Bond and E. Calabrese and G. Chesmore and Steve K. Choi and C. Sif'on and M. Devlin and J. Dunkley and R. Dunner and A. Fox and P. Gallardo and V. Gluscevic and Dong-Won Han and M. Hasselfield and G. Hilton and A. Hincks and R. Hlovzek and J. Hubmayr and K. Huffenberger and J. Hughes and B. Koopman and A. Kosowsky and T. Louis and M. Lungu and Amanda Macinnis and M. Madhavacheril and Maya Mallaby-Kay and L. Maurin and J. McMahon and K. Moodley and S. Naess and F. Nati and L. Newburgh and J. Nibarger and M. Niemack and L. Page and F. J. Qu and N. Robertson and A. Schillaci and N. Sehgal and S. Simon and D. Spergel and S. Staggs and E. Storer and A. V. Engelen and J. Lanen and Edward J. Wollack},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We present new constraints on anisotropic birefringence of the cosmic microwave background polarization using two seasons of data from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope covering 456 square degrees of sky. The birefringence power spectrum, measured using a curved-sky quadratic estimator, is consistent with zero. Our results provide the tightest current constraint on birefringence over a range of angular scales between 5 arc minutes and 9°. We improve previous upper limits on the amplitude of a… Expand

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