At the Crossroads of the World: Women of the Middle East

  title={At the Crossroads of the World: Women of the Middle East},
  author={Margaret Smith Crocco and Nadia K. Pervez and Meredith Ann Katz},
  journal={The Social Studies},
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The authors offer a brief introduction to the history of women of the Middle East, with a focus on three major religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). Schools are paying increased attention to teaching world history, but they are giving too little attention to incorporating women as part of world history. One of the major dividing lines within the Middle East has been religion, a fixed feature of the world history curriculum. The authors attempt to provide insights, based on new research… 

Interpretations of Hijab in the Middle East: Policy Discussions and Social Implications toward Women

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Women, Leadership, and Education as Change

Abstract Answering the call for research that seeks to bridge theory and practice for the advancement of social justice, this chapter presents a creative collaboration between a social equity

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Using Komter’s theory of hidden gender power in marriage, we explore how young Qatari women’s aspirations are influenced by their parents, future husbands, and the internalization of social norms

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It is recommended that culturally competent mental health practice integrate a feminist lens with Arab American women clients.

Islam and Girls' Education: Obligatory or Forbidden

“Acquisition of knowledge is binding on all Muslims” (al-Sunan 1:81 §224). This Hadith, sayings or actions of the prophet Muhammad (MPBUH), indicates that there is no preference based on sex in

Gendering Social Studies: Teachers’ Intended and Enacted Curriculum and Student Diffraction

Due to intransigence of social studies curriculum-makers to broaden the scope of who and what is studied, women (especially non-white women) are lacking representation. However, some teachers go



Women in the Middle East: Past and Present

List of Illustrations xi Preface xiii Introduction 1 BOOK ONE: Women in the Middle East: A History 7 Introduction: Issues in Studying Middle Eastern Women's History 9 I. Regional Background and the

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Introduction: Was Benazir Bhutto the First?. Part I: Queens and Courtesans:. 1. How Does One Say Queen in Islam?. 2. The Caliph and the Queen. 3. The jawari or Revolution in the Harem. 4. Khayzuran:

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Preface and Acknowledgments1. Approaches to the Study of a Legacy: An Introduction2. Priveledges and Problems: The Shaping of 'A'isha's Historical Persona3. The Accusation of Adultery and Communal

In at the Creation

The book of Genesis and, hence, the whole Bible begins with God’s acts of Creation. This fact is very important because it means that our creation marks the beginning of human and biblical history.

Israel, land of tradition and conflict

* Introduction * The Land and Its People * History * The Economy * Politics * The Quest for Peace and Security * Israel and the United States

Women's History in Global Perspective

Women in the Middle East since the rise of Islam

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