Asynchrony between left and right lungs in acute asthma.

  title={Asynchrony between left and right lungs in acute asthma.},
  author={Zhen Wang and Thaddeus Bartter and Brigitte M Baumann and Wissam Abouzgheib and Michael E. Chansky and Smith Jean},
  journal={The Journal of asthma : official journal of the Association for the Care of Asthma},
  volume={45 7},
BACKGROUND Asthma is a disease of air flow obstruction. Transmitted sounds can be analyzed in detail and may shed light upon the physiology of asthma and how it changes over time. The goals of this study were to use a computerized analytic acoustic tool to evaluate respiratory sound patterns in asthmatic patients during acute attacks and after clinical improvement and to compare asthmatic profiles with those of normal individuals. METHODS Respiratory sound analysis throughout the respiratory… CONTINUE READING
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