Asynchronous spiking neural P systems

  title={Asynchronous spiking neural P systems},
  author={Matteo Cavaliere and Oscar H. Ibarra and Gheorghe Paun and {\"O}mer Egecioglu and Mihai Ionescu and Sara Woodworth},
  journal={Theor. Comput. Sci.},
We consider here spiking neural P systems with a non-synchronized (i.e., asynchronous) use of rules: in any step, a neuron can apply or not apply its rules which are enabled by the number of spikes it contains (further spikes can come, thus changing the rules enabled in the next step). Because the time between two firings of the output neuron is now irrelevant, the result of a computation is the number of spikes sent out by the system, not the distance between certain spikes leaving the system… CONTINUE READING