Asynchronous mitotic domains during blastoderm formation inMusca domestica L. (Diptera)

  title={Asynchronous mitotic domains during blastoderm formation inMusca domestica L. (Diptera)},
  author={Ralf J. Sommer and Diethard Tautz},
  journal={Roux's archives of developmental biology},
We describe the mitotic cleavage patterns during blastoderm stage of the house flyMusca domestica L. Nuclear divisions up to mitotic stage 11 are apparently synchronous. Beginning with stage 12, nuclear divisions in the posterior third of the embryo lag behind, resulting first in a parasynchronous and finally in an asynchronous cleavage pattern. Thus a stage exists where all nuclei in the anterior region have completed 14 nuclear division cycles, while those in the posterior region have… CONTINUE READING

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