Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement with optimal resilience

  title={Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement with optimal resilience},
  author={Arpita Patra and Ashish Choudhury and C. Pandu Rangan},
  journal={Distributed Computing},
We present an efficient, optimally-resilient Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement (ABA) protocol involving $$n = 3t+1$$ n = 3 t + 1 parties over a completely asynchronous network, tolerating a computationally unbounded Byzantine adversary, capable of corrupting at most $$t$$ t out of the $$n$$ n parties. In comparison with the best known optimally-resilient ABA protocols of Canetti and Rabin (STOC 1993) and Abraham et al. (PODC 2008), our protocol is significantly more efficient in terms of the… CONTINUE READING
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